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Mark Levin

Mark Levin

My mission is to help clients develop a comprehensive plan to secure their financial well-being, no matter their current or future health problems, economic changes, or tax situation. The choices we make together can help minimize risk, generate lifetime income, and efficiently distribute a client’s assets to their children and grandchildren.

But Secure Your World provides much more just than a plan. As a Certified Financial Planner for the last 32 years, I take care of my clients, listening to their biggest concerns and highest hopes, then guiding them toward the future they want five, ten, or twenty years from now. I answer any questions they have, serve as their advocate with the firms I represent, and meet with them every six months to review their situation and determine if changes need to be made.

You can count on me to:

  • Listen to what you say
  • Care about you as an individual and as a patriarch/matriarch of a family
  • Wait to offer solutions until I truly understand what you want to accomplish
  • Base my recommendations on what I know works rather than some new, untested concept that sounds better in theory than in practice

As a long-term care asset protection specialist, regardless of how much or little a person has, their age, or their health status, I can offer financial vehicles that help preserve their assets despite skyrocketing long-term care costs. And as a Certified Medicaid Planner™, I can help people on the brink of moving to a nursing home protect some of their assets from the Medicaid spenddown.

When we work together to accomplish your long-term goals, we both win. I don’t have any outstanding biases toward one type of investment over another, nor am I limited by proprietary relationships as to what products I can offer.

I am proud to have spent my life outside of work with my wife, raising two wonderful kids to adulthood who always strive to do what’s right rather than what’s expedient. It’s a maxim that has served me well both personally and professionally.

If you’re ready to Secure Your World, get in touch today to schedule an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.

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